Olympic Weightlifting

A 90-minute, group-based training led by a national level instructor in the practices and techniques of Olympic style weightlifting.  Multiple class options per day create a unique opportunity that no other gym in the country offers.  All skill levels, from national-caliber competitors to recreational weightlifters, are brought together in a unique format that allows for a safe, effective learning environment for all.

Strength & Fitness

A 60-minute  total body strength and conditioning class that utilizes the strength development of classic barbell lifting coupled with the use of explosive dumbbell/kettle-bell lifting, agility training, and classical interval conditioning.  This is a quick and supremely effective workout for all skill levels and clients with any athletic or general health and strength goals.

Open Gym
An un-coached training time.  Available for drop-ins. 
Fire & Iron

Fire and Iron is one of a kind full body athletic experience!!


Drawing from a multitude of disciplines such as Plyometrics, Speed-Agility-Quickness training, Powerlifting, Olympic Lifting, Functional Bodybuilding and Mobility training; Fire and Iron creates a fun high-intensity workout that develops every system in the body in a supremely effective 1-hour class!

*You must reserve your spot for Fire & Iron by emailing,, a minimum of 12 hours before class*